Introducing Our BOPP and Sleeve Labeling Machine

Are you looking to enhance the visual appeal of your products and streamline your labeling process? Look no further! PPS Machineries is proud to present our state-of-the-art BOPP and Sleeve Labeling Machine, designed to revolutionize your labeling operations and elevate your brand presence.

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Why Choose Our BOPP and Sleeve Labeling Machine?

At PPS Machineries, we understand the importance of precision, efficiency, and quality in labeling. Our BOPP and Sleeve Labeling Machine offers a wide range of benefits that can transform your labeling process:

PPS presents a diverse selection of cutting-edge Labelling Machines to meet your specific needs

These machines are versatile and widely used in the beverage industry. They apply self-adhesive labels to containers by using a combination of pressure and a rotating drum. PSL machines are suitable for glass, plastic, and metal containers.

This type of machine is commonly used for labeling cylindrical bottles and containers. It wraps labels around the entire circumference of the container. It’s often used for labeling beer and soft drink bottles.

Front and back labeling machines are designed to apply labels to both the front and back sides of containers simultaneously. This is useful for products like glass or plastic bottles where you need to display information on both sides.

Sleeve labeling machines apply shrink sleeves to containers. These labels can cover the entire container or just a portion of it. Sleeve labeling is common in the bottled water industry.

Hot melt glue labeling machines use adhesive that is heated and applied to the label before it is attached to the container. This method is often used for labeling beer bottles.

Cold glue labeling machines use a water-based adhesive to attach labels to containers. They are often used for glass bottles in the beverage industry.

These machines apply labels from a continuous roll to cylindrical containers. They are commonly used for labeling cans and bottles in high-speed production lines.

These machines are suitable for applying adhesive stickers on a wide range of containers, from plastic bottles to glass jars.

Cork labeling machines are specialized for applying labels to wine corks. They ensure that each cork is labeled before sealing the bottle.

Capsule labeling machines apply labels to the protective capsules or foils that cover the neck of wine bottles.

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